SEALED IP65 Cradle For 3678 Family FLB3678-C100F3WW

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Zebra sealed IP65 vagga för 3678 family scanner

Laddning,Bluetooth och multi interface


Provides radio and charging capabilities
Up to 8 scanners can be paired percradle.


Host communication cable and possibly a power supplydepending on the host cable type.


IP65 sealed for installations requiringwash-down (i.e. forklift installations). Has stiffer retention spring thanStandard Cradle (STB3678-C100F3WW)for holding scanner better in fork liftinstallations.


Forklift Cradle Mounting Bracket (BRKT-MM0036W-00)when mounting on a forklift.


För Zebra DS36xx LI36xx

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